Re: Fwd: indexing questions

This is fixed upstream in ubuntu, unfortunately, the beagle/f-spot
packages use conflicting sqlite versions, so beagle does not read the
f-spot db under ubuntu, an update should be released soon, or is part
of edgy.


On 8/7/06, Atte André Jensen <atte jensen gmail com> wrote:
Kevin Kubasik wrote:

> As for indexing photos, beagle accesses the information that f-spot
> holds on a photo for lots of its info (like tags and descriptions, the
> searchable stuff). So you might want to import into f-spot first.
> (especially if you have iptc tags, f-spot will soon be able to import
> those)

I imported all my photos to f-spot, edited a couple of descriptions, but
beagle still doesn't find them. Should I do something special of is
beagle broken?

My beagle is version 0.2.6 from ubuntu.

peace, love & harmony

Kevin Kubasik

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