Re: Beagle can't launch evolution documents


On Wed, 2006-08-02 at 12:52 -0400, Matthew Beale wrote:
>   Thanks for tearing through everyone's emails like that, I wasn't sure if
> anyone was alive out there :-)

Yeah, I have a tendency to do that.  I was gone Friday-Monday so I was
digging myself out from under a mountain of mail most of yesterday. :)

> does yield the same error, I suppose I can bring that up with the evo
> people.  

Please do.  They understand the intricacies of their URI handling better
than I.

> My webpages started opening on AbiWord today (Abi might have been
> reinstalled recently, I'm doing an emerge -e world for a gcc upgrade), so
> if this stuff isn't in gnome-url-handler, where is it?  I'd be great to
> change back to firefox.

>From the Beagle standpoint of things, in most cases we use the GNOME URL
APIs to open documents(*), which goes through the URL handlers and MIME
type associations to determine how to open a file.  It's basically the
same as calling "gnome-open <url>".

Sometimes there are special cases, however.  The email URI scheme is
internal and special to evolution and no default GNOME desktop (that I'm
aware of) has handlers for it.  beagle-search calls "evolution <uri>"

(*) Actually we prefer the desktop-launch program if it's available for
cross-platform (GNOME apps in GNOME, KDE apps in KDE) compatibility, but
I believe only SUSE ships such a program.

> If it doesn't go through gnome-url-handler, is it decided when indexing?

It's done at open-time.

> Why would the webpages switch to AbiWord then?

My only guess is that AbiWord has set itself as the default handler for
HTTP URIs, or possibly for HTML files.


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