Re: Beagle can't launch evolution documents

Hey Joe,

  Thanks for tearing through everyone's emails like that, I wasn't sure if
anyone was alive out there :-)

>> I don't think the error is anything that complex: when
>> clicking on an email (or email attachment) from the beagle search
>> interface I get this error from evolution:
>>   Error while Opening folder
>>   email://1139305938 5482 0 hank/INBOX;uid=785.
>>   No provider available for protocol `email'
>> I thought it might be a gnome url-hander issue, so I added a gnome
>> handler for email with /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/email in gconf.
> Those URIs are passed directly to evolution, so it doesn't go through
> gnome-url-handler at all.

`evolution "email://1139305938 5482 0 hank/ica-star;uid=17"`

does yield the same error, I suppose I can bring that up with the evo
people.  My webpages started opening on AbiWord today (Abi might have been
reinstalled recently, I'm doing an emerge -e world for a gcc upgrade), so
if this stuff isn't in gnome-url-handler, where is it?  I'd be great to
change back to firefox.

If it doesn't go through gnome-url-handler, is it decided when indexing?
Why would the webpages switch to AbiWord then?


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