Re: beagle-search & beagle-query results mismatch

On Wed, 2006-08-02 at 12:01 -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:

> It's possibly a bug, but it could also just be a difference in the way
> beagle-search presents its information.  (It's not by URI type or data
> source.)
> Which results to you feel are more "correct"?  Among those two sets of
> results, what are the differences?

I don't know for that query which is the more correct, which in itself
is a problem. Is there a way I can open each of the URIs returned by

> Just eyeballing your beagle-query results here, you say you see only two
> conversations in beagle-search.  Based on the beagle-query output, you
> have two emails there (conversations) and four mail attachments.  

Oh, does the #n mean an attachment, then? I didn't realise that.

> Those
> attachments I believe show up as documents in beagle-search.  My guess
> is that those four plus the number in your beagle-query output equals
> 18.

Let me have a look at that... Yes, some of the documents in
beagle-search are mail attachments, but only *3* of them are labelled as

This query was just an example, though - the anomaly I originally posted
is still present: a search for "lumberjack" gives no results in
beagle-search and two in beagle-query:

[pspencer lt2-pspencer rbos]$ beagle-query lumberjack
email://local local/Personal Folders/Azul/UK;uid=1337#0
email://local local/Sent;uid=2640#0

Furthermore, those shouldn't be given as attachments, as there isn't
one, but they're in the HTML part of the mail that Evolution saves - ie
it doesn't store locally a plain text version. So is the problem here
that beagle thinks it's an attachment but beagle-search can't find one?
I can forward you the email source to look at, if it helps.


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