Re: Beagle and Thunderbird

Gorka Navarrete Garc�wrote:
Roughly he told me that (sorry Daniel if this is not 100% accurate):
-apparently thunderbird does not provide a nice way of opening a specific email via the command line
-the database format (msf files) is hard to parse

So I went to the Thunderbird forums and asked about that:

And mscott, the main Thunderbird developer answer was: "Copernico and GDS integrated with thunderbird using our APIs, no mork parsing required. Seems like beagle should be able to do the same thing."

Interesting, thanks for following this up.

Generally Beagle's backends parse the relevant databases itself, whereas mscott seems to be suggesting that we just use the thunderbird C/C++ API's. I suppose this is really the most viable option, although I wouldn't have much idea where to start.


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