Re: Beagle and Thunderbird

If I'm not wrong, in this website u can find the Thunderbird (at least Mozilla's Mail) APIs (sort of...).

I guess what you are asking for should be there... but honestly, I don't know what I'm talking about.
D Bera wrote:

I did a quick google search on thunderbird and couldnt find any way to
open a particular mail in thunderbird. Specifically
1) How to uniquely specify a particular mail in thunderbird's mail-store
2) Given that unique "uri", how to open that mail using thunderbird.
Since GDS, CDS,  YDS and MSN (with a plugin) indexes thunderbird
mails, they must be doing something to open particular emails from
search results. Any information on that part of the magic will be
extremely helpful.

On 11/21/05, Gorka Navarrete García <gorkang gmail com> wrote:

I had a short conversation a few days ago with Daniel Drake in #dashboard
about why there is no Thunderbird backend for beagle yet.

Roughly he told me that (sorry Daniel if this is not 100% accurate):
-apparently thunderbird does not provide a nice way of opening a specific
email via the command line
-the database format (msf files) is hard to parse

So I went to the Thunderbird forums and asked about that:

And mscott, the main Thunderbird developer answer was: "Copernico and GDS
integrated with thunderbird using our APIs, no mork parsing required. Seems
like beagle should be able to do the same thing."

Unfortunately I don't have the skill to do such a thing but I thought it
was a good idea to share these with you guys.


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