Re: Beagle and Thunderbird

Eldo Varghese wrote:
Wouldn't it be simpler/better to write in mbox support and then extra things for individual email clients?

No, because:
1. Thunderbird uses maildir, not mbox

2. Thunderbird keeps mail in ~/.thunderbird and beagle does not index hidden directories unless a backend explicitly states that there is data there.

3. Having mail without context is not very useful; beagle wouldn't know how to open it. So, after searching, you'd have to open thunderbird manually and do that same search again.

More in tune with your question, yes, it is a good idea to implement mail filtering as a general case and then share it between the various mail sources that we have. This already happens, the Mail filter is used by the kmail backend, the evolution backend, and also for lone mail files found on the filesystem.


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