Re: Fwd: The Thread of Lost Ideas

On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 19:29 -0500, Kevin Kubasik wrote:

> To address one of the other points, what are we considering as far as
> Dashboards status, or revival, it doesn't seem like a good idea to
> make it the focus of any ones effort, but if someone wanted to start
> its integration into beagle for at least the files/chat frontend (or
> at least get it to build against the latest mono (the main problem
> appears to be the changes in gnome bindings, I was able to get rid of
> all but one error, i can submit a patch, but im not even sure if the
> corrections will run correctly/if i've opened the door to a thousand
> new errors) Just throwing it out there, but as far as I know, beagled
> was started because dashboard needed a unified backend to handle its
> indexing and searching efficiently, that certainly seems to have been
> accomplished, granted the potential userbase/demand for beagle being
> an efficent/effective product is far higher, but dashboard would also
> provide an idea method for testing beagle under stress.

I'm certainly interested in getting back into Dashboard hacking, it'll
just be a matter of finding some time...

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