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From: Kevin Kubasik <kevin kubasik net>
Date: Nov 15, 2005 7:29 PM
Subject: Re: The Thread of Lost Ideas
To: Daniel Drake <dsd gentoo org>

I wouldn't expect serious WMA/ASF support anytime in the near future
(as no opensource implementation can even read the files cleanly) AVI
would be something in the near future, although, it will probably
require another dependency, as there doesn't seem to be much in terms
of AVI tagging libs for C# (big surprise)

To address one of the other points, what are we considering as far as
Dashboards status, or revival, it doesn't seem like a good idea to
make it the focus of any ones effort, but if someone wanted to start
its integration into beagle for at least the files/chat frontend (or
at least get it to build against the latest mono (the main problem
appears to be the changes in gnome bindings, I was able to get rid of
all but one error, i can submit a patch, but im not even sure if the
corrections will run correctly/if i've opened the door to a thousand
new errors) Just throwing it out there, but as far as I know, beagled
was started because dashboard needed a unified backend to handle its
indexing and searching efficiently, that certainly seems to have been
accomplished, granted the potential userbase/demand for beagle being
an efficent/effective product is far higher, but dashboard would also
provide an idea method for testing beagle under stress.

Kevin Kubasik
On 11/15/05, Daniel Drake <dsd gentoo org> wrote:
> Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> > Another toughie is the apple audio format, AAC (.m4a) locked files are
> > going to be impossible, but they have a tagging system. Multimedia in
> > general is harder, but an area where work could be done.
> .m4a files are already handled. .m4p (the DRM type) are probably not.
> ASF/WMA support is harder, but will hopefully be ready for the next release.
> AVI filtering is one that needs doing - any volunteers? :)
> Your other points are quite valid - our integration with more apps (like
> thunderbird) should be addressed. Thanks for the braindump :)
> Daniel

Kevin Kubasik

Kevin Kubasik

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