Re: The Thread of Lost Ideas

I recently saw a comment on Tex files, I guess now that I think about
it, its less filters, and more backends. (ie, the ability to index
Thunderbird emails, or include f-spot comments when indexing photos)

Another toughie is the apple audio format, AAC (.m4a) locked files are
going to be impossible, but they have a tagging system. Multimedia in
general is harder, but an area where work could be done.

We have a long list of TODO's for various source formats (most are
listed as aprox 70% completed)

Its not a pressing issue, I more threw it in because I was writing
everything else up. I think that exposing parts of the indexer to
python or dbus bindings would encourage the type of third-party
development that can really make an open source project. This becomes
more of an issue if we consider starting development on dashboard
again.(Perhaps even incorporating the holmes interface into dashboard,
similar to the google taskbar type thing).

As I write I realize that its not so much filters that we want to open
up, but backends. Perhaps someone writes a plugin that indexes all the
bugs filed under a product in a bugzilla. A feature that dashboard
aims to implement, but regular queries to the bugzilla search would
certainly not go over well, so a local index might be the best

I'm just brainstorming here, I guess alot of this has to do with the
when and how of dashboards revival (if at all) and a ruling on that.

Kevin Kubasik

On 11/15/05, Daniel Drake <dsd gentoo org> wrote:
> Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> > 5) Filter Architecture - This is just something I thought up, and I am
> > not really sure what level of planning or though has gone into this,
> > so should these ideas be completely off target, just let me know. It
> > seems that the core of the beagle has reached a relatively stable
> > zone, and that the primary development of new features will occur in
> > either the UI or filters. The greatest advantage that something like
> > GDS has on beagle at the moment is the diversity of files it can
> > index, and much of this is thanks to a powerful and easy to use plug
> > in system, which is exposed to a variety of programming languages.
> I thought we were pretty good for filters. Can you suggest some formats where
> we are lacking?
> Daniel

Kevin Kubasik

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