Re: Run tim error in CVS beagle as of May 26

Dnia 28-05-2005, sob o godzinie 12:56 -0400, Joe Shaw napisał(a):

> You can try applying the patch I attached earlier in the thread.  If it
> applies cleanly, then the CVS server hasn't updated yet.  They have some
> sort of round-robin setup for the anoncvs servers, and some update
> within an hour and some I've seen take 2 days.

The patch is applied in the CVS ver I have. But the problem still
persists... I did some debbuging. It seems the function throws an
exception on this very exact string: 

"File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 4.0"

Notice the invalid garbage after "Photoshop". This explains why this
happens only for JPEG files, as It appears I have a lot of files "Writen
by Adobe Photoshop". 

I've uploaded a problematic JPEG for refererence:
BTW, these are russian soldiers in Chechenia. 

> > /usr/bin/beagle-info: line 13:  6902 Przerwany potok
> > --debug $MONO_EXTRA_ARGS $THIS_EXE "$@"
> > 
> > .. on the very end of each "update". "Przerwany potok" means "broken
> > stream" or "broken pipe". Seems like a bash error... ?
> Do you get something similar if you run "beagle-info --status | head -n
> 20" by hand?  It should just discard the data, not break the pipe.  How
> annoying.

Yes, exactly the same. It looks like the 'n' doesn't matter here (it
breaks the pipe even with n=1). On the other hand n=100 gives 100 lines
output so it seems to be working. 


Michał Dominik K.
mdk mdk org pl

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