Re: Run tim error in CVS beagle as of May 26

On Sat, 2005-05-28 at 12:07 +0200, MDK wrote:
> I built beagle a few hours ago and I'm experiencing same thing - but it
> seems that only for JPEG files. The log is: 

You can try applying the patch I attached earlier in the thread.  If it
applies cleanly, then the CVS server hasn't updated yet.  They have some
sort of round-robin setup for the anoncvs servers, and some update
within an hour and some I've seen take 2 days.

Sigh.  Once we move to svn this won't be an issue.

> I'll try fetching the CVS again soon. One more thing - each time I
> "bootstrap" beagle (I mean: after having deleted the ~/.beagle) I get
> the following error on the console: 
> ** (beagled:6660): WARNING **: _wapi_connect: Need to translate 2 [Nie
> ma takiego pliku ani katalogu] into winsock error
> "Nie ma takiego pliku ani katalogu" means "No such file or directory".
> Winsock? I didn't know we have winsock on Linux... ;)

It's a mono bug.

> On the other hand beagle-status keeps flashing me a: 
> /usr/bin/beagle-info: line 13:  6902 Przerwany potok
> --debug $MONO_EXTRA_ARGS $THIS_EXE "$@"
> .. on the very end of each "update". "Przerwany potok" means "broken
> stream" or "broken pipe". Seems like a bash error... ?

Do you get something similar if you run "beagle-info --status | head -n
20" by hand?  It should just discard the data, not break the pipe.  How


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