Run tim error in CVS beagle as of May 26

After compiling cvs beagle as of May 26 - I am getting the following run time error:

beagled --fg --debug
INFO: Starting Beagle Daemon (version 0.0.10)
DEBUG: Command Line: /usr/local/lib/beagle/BeagleDaemon.exe --debug --fg
DEBUG: Starting messaging server
DEBUG: Starting QueryDriver
DEBUG: worker added: name=server 'socket' refcount=1
DEBUG: Found index helper at /usr/local/lib/beagle/beagled-index-helper
DEBUG: Starting Inotify Backend
DEBUG: Pre-populated UniqueIdStore cache with 1059 items in .03s
INFO: Loaded 86 records from /home/afaiq/.beagle/FileSystemIndex/FileAttributesStore.db in 0.002s INFO: Loaded 0 records from /home/afaiq/.beagle/LauncherIndex/FileAttributesStore.db in 0.000s
DEBUG: Found 10 types in BeagleDaemonLib, Version=, Culture=neutral
DEBUG: Adding root /home/afaiq
INFO: Starting Evolution mail backend
INFO: Starting launcher backend
INFO: Starting Evolution mail backend
INFO: Scanning Launchers
WARN: Evolution mail store not found, watching for it.
DEBUG: Scanned 1059 subdirs in 5.25s
INFO: FileSystemQueryable start-up thread finished

Unhandled Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range. in <0x000c5> Beagle.Util.StringFu:CleanupInvalidXmlCharacters (System.String str)
in <0x0000f> Beagle.Property:set_Value (System.String value)
in <0x00070> Beagle.Property:New (System.String key, System.Object value)
in <0x00010> Beagle.Property:NewKeyword (System.String key, System.Object value) in <0x00436> Beagle.Daemon.LauncherQueryable.LauncherQueryable:IndexLauncher (System.IO.FileInfo file, Priority priority) in <0x00216> Beagle.Daemon.LauncherQueryable.LauncherQueryable:CrawlLaunchers (System.String path)
in <0x000c7> Beagle.Daemon.LauncherQueryable.LauncherQueryable:Crawl ()
in <0x000b3> Beagle.Daemon.LauncherQueryable.LauncherQueryable:Start ()
in <0x00016> Beagle.Daemon.Queryable:Start ()
in <0x000d6> Beagle.Daemon.QueryDriver:Start ()
in <0x0059f> Beagle.Daemon.BeagleDaemon:Main (System.String[] args)

Any help will be much appreciated


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