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On Fri, 2005-05-20 at 15:20 -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:
> This is actually a similar problem for us with archive files or email
> attachments.  Do we want matches to actually refer to the file inside
> the archive or just the archive itself?  We may end up having to pull
> apart archives (or mboxes), putting files in temporary locations and
> feeding them to apps.  That becomes a slippery slope: do modifications
> to documents get saved back to the archive?  What about email
> attachments, which are immutable in the mail?  I'm not sure what the
> right thing to do here is.

I always thought that one of the cool things about gnome-vfs was that
you could simply pass a (chained) URI to a file in an archive, and the
application would then be able to use it directly. If the gnome-vfs
backend allowed writing back, then the file would be writable,
otherwise, it would be read-only. 

But it seems that sort of thing never took off, and it still wouldn't
solve the mbox problem, unless an mbox gnome-vfs chaining backend were

> Joe

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