I have completed a MailDir driver which will index your MailDir and put it as MailMessages.

My current MailDir requires Mozilla.cs to parse MIME messages. In addition as some MailDir contains folders that are not interesting, such as Trash/SPAM/etc you can place a .noindex file to prevent that directory from being indexed.

I will be posting my code on Sunday morning, when I arrive at work.

I have implemented a Cache HASH table to prevent the reindexing of previously indexed files, however, I m unable to confirm before putting it in the HASH whether a certain object has been indexed or not, anyone knows how I would know whether an object has been Indexed? (My code places the item in the Hash table during its crawling phase, where it also creates a new IndexGenerator object).

Any suggestions/help/guides any of you could provide to make the continued coding of the MailDir handler would be great.

BTW: Current version of the works flawlessly with Beagle 0.0.9, I am currently porting the INotify part to support CVS version.

Noam Rathaus
Beyond Security Ltd.

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