Re: MailDir

On Thu, 2005-05-19 at 23:23 +0200, Noam Rathaus wrote:

> I have completed a MailDir driver which will index your MailDir and
> put it as MailMessages.

This is excellent, Noam!  I have thousands of old Maildir mails on my
disk waiting to be indexed.  Thank you!

The next step, if someone wants a good project, is to build a driver
that can index unmanaged[1] mbox files as well.

As I understand it, this has the additional difficulty of requiring that
a single file map to multiple MailMessage indexables, and I'm not even
sure if Beagle can do this sort of thing yet (the same architectural
changes would be required to, for example, index the contents of Zip
files and other archives).

And of course, it'd be cool if attachments got indexed as well.


[1] not part of ~/.evolution or wherever Thunderbird puts its mail

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