Re: Odd problem with Beagle - disappearing address book entries

I found this on the Beaglewiki on the Ubuntu installation HowTo

"The Beagle 0.0.8 and 0.0.9 installations have a small bug which means
that the Evolution address book can't be searched. You can fix it by:

cd /usr/lib
sudo ln -s"

maybe this can help you!


Am Dienstag, den 03.05.2005, 17:32 -0700 schrieb Jeremy Utley:
> Hey guys!
> I've been trying to get Beagle fully operational here, and I've mostly
> gotten it going.  The only problem I'm having at this point is in the
> indexing of the Evolution address book.  It seems that on every other
> invocation of the beagle daemon, it neglects to properly index the
> address book data.  I've tried running beagled in debug mode, using
> only the EvolutionDataServer backend, and I still get this.  The only
> odd thing I see in the debug output is a message that looks like this:
> DEBUG: **** Removing contact: //pas-id-{some long string of numbers}
> The minute I see that message appear in the debug output, the address
> book entry disappears from the best screen, and will not reappear
> until I stop beagled and re-invoke it.  Setting the
> BEAGLE_EXERCISE_THE_DOG option when invoking beagled has no effect on
> this problem - the only way it seems I can reliably get address book
> data to appear in beagle is to rm -rf ~/.beagle prior to invoking the
> daemon, but this causes a loss of history data from the browser.
> Anyone got any ideas?
> Jeremy
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