Beagle in GtkFileChooser


I'm starting to intergrate beagle into the gtk filechooser widget. My initial idea is to do a beagle search when the "interactive search typing thing" has no matches and add these onto the file-list treeview, selecting the top one.

The plan:
In a directory containing: beaglo, file1
I want to search for beagle... typing "beagl" selects the beaglo file. When i type the "e" it will search for "beagle", and append the top 5 results to the bottom of the list, selecting the highest ranked result. If there is a file matching the query i want to do e.g. a search for "file" will match file1, use ctrl+enter to do a beagle search anyway.

This message is to check no-one else is already working on this, but other comments are welcome.


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