"Lock obtain timed out" errors (aka Re: Problems with beagle 0.0.8)

On Tue, 2005-03-29 at 00:27 +0100, Robert Wittams wrote:
> Jon Trowbridge wrote:
> > You need to upgrade to mono 1.0.6 or better.
> I still get this on mono 1.1.4, is this too old as well?

If you are getting a "lock obtain timed out" on 1.1.4, it must be caused
by something else.  The Mono.Posix usage in our local copy of netLucene
has been the source of 99% of the recent reports of this, and that was
strictly a mono <= 1.0.5 problem.

There is another (much rarer) problem where things start timing out
because we have run out of file descriptors... for some unknown reason,
Lucene suddenly starts leaking them in huge quantities.  We have not
been able to reproduce it, which makes it difficult for us to debug.
For more information, see bug 171516:
If anyone is able to reproduce this bug reliably, please attach a "me
too" comment to the bug with information about your set-up: your distro,
the version #s of everything, whether you installed stuff from packages
or compiled stuff yourself from tarballs or CVS... that sort of thing.

If you are seeing lock obtain timeouts w/ mono 1.1.4 and it does not
seem similar to bug 171516, please open a new bug and attach a copy of
your logs.  We'll definitely look into it.


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