Beagle Newsletter - 28 March 2005

Beagle Newsletter 28 March 2005

Welcome to another edition of the Beagle Newsletter.
If you're new to the project you can read up about it on
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   This month Beagle version was released.  This
   version includes significant stability upgrades.  Major
   features of this release are more efficent memory consumption
   requirement, open office 2 file support and the addition of
   a web service interface to Beagle.


   Since the last newsletter a couple D-BUS releases have
   occured.  The mono bindings have far fewer memory
   leaks leading to better stability.


   Robert Love has once again advanced his inotify kernel
   patch.  Version 0.20 of the patch works with Beagle, while version 0.21 works with Beagle CVS.

   The 2.0.14 release of Gmime included many memory
   leak fixes in the mono bindings.  If you use Beagle to 
   index your mail, this upgrade is definitly worth your time.


Milestone 1

   Beagle "Milestone 1" has been the focus of many Beagle
   hackers as of late.  The goal of stabilizing Beagle enough 
   for inclusion in the SUSE 9.3 release has significantly 
   improved the reliability of the Beagle Daemon.  A big thank 
   you goes out to all of the Beagle testers who reported bugs 
   on bugzilla, the mailing list and IRC.  Great job everyone.

Moving Files

   As over Beagle 0.0.8 moving files now works much
   better due to updates in Inotify bindings by Robert Love and
   infrastructural improvments by Jon Trowbridge.

Invalid File Names

   You can now let Beagle go index all of you files with
   invalid characters in the name as well as those files with 
   legitimite characters.  Daniel Drake has done great work 
   in getting Beagle to recognize files no matter their file name.

Best UI

   Beagle now comes with a .desktop file to put Best in
   your GNOME/KDE application menu.  Other improvements
   include better workspace switching support, quick search
   with F12 fixes, and making Beagle work with out the
   notification area.



   Beagle has enjoyed its share of press lately which
   hopefully drove some of you to this project.  Whether
   it was during a Novell Brainshare keynote (1), Slashdot
   (2), Computer World (3) or eWeek (4) the Beagle
   search technology is certainly being recognized in the press.

Keep spreading the word

   Due to in great part to the fantastic Beagle community,
   Beagle has found its way onto more desktops than ever
   before!  A quick search on Technorati regarding Beagle and 
   Search or Beagle and GNOME shows you why more and 
   more people are recognizing Beagle:  Because everyone is 
   talking about!  Countless blog chains have popped up with 
   entry's starting out with "Inspired by so-and-so, I installed 
   Beagle".  So thank you everyone, and keep spreading your 
   thoughts on the Beagle search tool.

As always if you have any input to how the next Beagle Newsletter
should be distributed or what should go in it please email
Joe Gasiorek at joe gasiorek gmail com


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