Re: Beagle not using GNOME thumbnails (?)

On Mon, 2005-03-21 at 21:50 +0100, MDK wrote:
> Could it be that Beagle is not actually using the GNOME/Nautilus
> thumbnails for images? I suspect because:
> 1) While using Beagle under some system load, I noticed that I can "see"
> images being rendered in BEST (white gecko jpeg "parsing" line). It
> looks to me like images (say: 800x600) are being gecko-scaled to fit the
> thumbnail (and I've got thumbnails for them in Nautilus) 

It should be using the thumbnails.  In Best hit Ctrl-U to see the HTML
source and see where the file is being loaded from.  I just tried it on
a jpg in my homedir, and it worked for me:

<img src="file:///home/joe/.thumbnails/normal/1d3f9bf9ee36088bba59ec9f47c24033.png">

> 2) I've got some SVG drawings that render perfect thumbnails in
> Nautilus. In beagle I can only see "broken-image" flag for them. 

This is because Gecko doesn't support rendering of SVG.  It'd be good to
open a bug on this if there isn't one already.


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