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Dnia 01-06-2005, śro o godzinie 00:56 -0700, Alex Graveley napisał(a):

> Seems like the bookmark backend should look for an existing web history 
> hit for the URL and alter that with some bookmark attributes (anything 
> other than bookmark name?).  It should create an empty hit with no 
> content if the page has not been visited (probably a corner case).

It could also update it with favicon and the location in the firefox (or
other browser's) bookmark folder structure. Perhaps also with the
bookmark's description and the "last visited" information? (Firefox
stores that in the bookmark file) 

Here is the screenshot of what I've got at the moment:

Results are duplicated because of bug #306105 I filled today 
( . It might be also
related to #169061 , not sure. It seems to be a BEST bug, as beagle is
removing/indexing uri's properly. In bugzilla i'm explaining that using
the example of Blam blogs, but it happens on history items and (my)
bookmarks as well.  

It's particularly anoying for web history items. Opening an item in BEST
(and launching Firefox) causes the item to clone itself immidiately.

Michał Dominik K.
mdk mdk org pl

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