Re: Maildir support status


On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 15:04 -0400, D Bera wrote:
> The problems, as i understand, is regarding the mime-type of the
> files. Since the mail apps may add all kinds of custom headers, it is
> hard to determine the mime-type of these files. Wouldnt fixing them in
> tiles and best require some ugly hacks ? The mail backend, this is the
> way I view it, already knows they are message/rfc822 files and hence
> forces the mime-type.

Yeah, that's true.  I thought you referring to another problem.

> Adding such a backend might be stupid but does it cause any extra load
> on indexing over the FileSystem indexer ?

Yeah, anytime a backend is added it increases the load, but we're
working on some other ways to address that, so I wouldn't be too worried
about it.  So long as it stays in dotdirs it won't conflict with the
file system backend and I have no problem with having it.

If you can adapt your backend to be a full KMail backend, I am happy to
include it.  I am ignorant to how KMail sets up its stores, so I will
leave the details to you. :)


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