Re: Maildir support status

> Maildir support has been integrated in version 0.0.12, but has drastically
> improved in the current CVS version. This, in combination with the speed
> improvements (especially during beagled startup) makes indexing my entire
> maildir (over 10,000 mails) feasible.

Where exactly is the difficulty in creating a MaildirIndexable and
MailCrawler for indexing maildir files ? In my opinion they can be
just wrappers around the FilterMail filter. That would index them as
mails and the hits would behave as mails too.

I made a rough attempt at doing that and created a simple
MaildirQueryable. It seems to work for me. Note that it is quite basic
(and no crawler support yet) and assumes that your mail directory is
~/.Mail. If anybody wants to give it a try, get it from

If this is not the write method, then it would be helpful if somebody
can explain the proper steps or problems with this approach, then it
will be extremely helpful.

- Bera

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