Re: indexing Maildir mails

On Wednesday 20 July 2005 05:23, D Bera wrote:
> > I think it might still be possible to recusrively scan for cur/ new/ 
> tmp/ directories in the maildir directory and find rfc822 files in
> them. At least, that is what I think
> does.
I'm pretty sure this is what the FilterMail filter in beagle *currently* does.

> I will see if I can recursively scan directories and pick up mail
> files for indexing.

From what I've seen, it seems beagle uses the standard File Indexing backend 
to recursively scan directories. If the file is an rfc822 file, it filters it 
through the mail filter which indexes it - all that works fine for me, except 
for the fact the mail doesn't show up later in the search results.

> - Bera
- Aviram

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