Re: indexing Maildir mails

It seems that the directory structure for maildir is not standardised.
This page talks about two possible formats:

Ubuntu seems to be coming up with yet another naming standard (more at ). And to talk
about kmail, their structure is given in and it doesnt
seem they have any plans of changing it soon
( ).

However, all these are different conventions for directory structures.
I think it might still be possible to recusrively scan for cur/ new/
tmp/ directories in the maildir directory and find rfc822 files in
them. At least, that is what I think does.

I will see if I can recursively scan directories and pick up mail
files for indexing.

- Bera

> >     The changelog of beagle-0.12 says it can index maildir mails. Does
> > that mean mails in maildir format from any mail application ? I tried
> > to change local_path, imap_path etc. in  EvolutionMailQueryable to
> > point to a maildir directory I have but there was no response in the
> > debug output.
> Filtering maildir mail is done via a filter on regular file indexing. If the
> file is identified to be message/rfc822 (you can check this with
> gnomevfs-info) it passed through the FilterMail filter and indexed.

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