Re: indexing Maildir mails


On Wednesday 20 July 2005 01:07, D Bera wrote:
> Hi,
>     The changelog of beagle-0.12 says it can index maildir mails. Does
> that mean mails in maildir format from any mail application ? I tried
> to change local_path, imap_path etc. in  EvolutionMailQueryable to
> point to a maildir directory I have but there was no response in the
> debug output.

Filtering maildir mail is done via a filter on regular file indexing. If the 
file is identified to be message/rfc822 (you can check this with 
gnomevfs-info) it passed through the FilterMail filter and indexed.

My experience has been as follows: so far I haven't been able to see the 
indexed files in the results (either best or beagle-query) but I haven't 
investigated enough to see where the problem is - according to the logs the 
file is indeed indexed, and according to beagle-index-info the indexed file 
count grows (notice Maildir is marked by the backend as "file" and not 

If you can check this out and let me know what you find that would be great - 
Maildir support is extremely important to me and I would like to give the 
beagle developers as much accurate information as I can regarding bugs in 
this feature.

- Aviram

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