Beagle Web Interface coming ...


I have been working on adding a web browser access to Beagle. At this
point, I have integrated a minimal http server into Beagle (taking code
from xsp) and developed ASP.Net Web-forms based interface to query
Beagle from a browser.  It is meant to allow users 'local access' to
their beagled running on their desktop from a browser.

Here is a screen shot of what I have got working at this point: a
Firefox browser accessing beagled service at
http://localhost:8888/beagled.aspx with a text-box to enter search
terms and support for paging through result-set, 5  results at a time,
akin to Best.

I am working on getting the Tile!Action handlers working, which I hope
to get working soon and plan to post this code on bugzilla sometime next


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