Re: Search Bookmarks Driver (New Contributor Questions)

You probably don't want to search remote sources by default (as it could
accidentally leak personal information). Admittedly, I haven't played
with Best/Beagle + remote backends yet -- has some thought already gone
into this?

Some examples from other systems:

I've bound a hotkey on the google deskbar to search my local machine
(with their desktop search tool) and I find that I occasionally send
local queries to their internet search engine instead (eg: <enter>
instead of <ctrl-k> )

MSN's search tool deals with this in an interesting way -- they search
only the local machine by-default. To search the internet you must hit
shift-enter or click a different button. This seems wise, although the
implementation is somewhat irritating (there is a rather large slide-out
window when the search box has focus).

Adam Lydick <lydickaw ruffledpenguin org>

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