Mono GC + Beagled

Hi everybody, 

I just subscribed to the list. I've been playing with the latest Beagle from
CVS - it's a great software and a great idea. I wish you good luck with
this and hopefully I'll try to do some development. 

BTW, I found on the Beagle Wiki:

> The daemon needs to be able to run for a long time without horking your
> system. We need to figure out how to 'nice' the daemon's activities so that 
> it doesn't take down the rest of the system. We also need a mechanism for
> periodically restarting the daemon, because the Mono GC is not precise
> enough to allow us to run forever without eating all your RAM.

I've been doing some mono development, and I noticed that too (Mono GC
memory leaking). Is there any chance that this is going to change in the
upcoming Mono versions? 

Michael Dominic K.
mdk (at)


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