Re: Search Bookmarks Driver (New Contributor Questions)

Hi all

Reading Johns email got me wondering about using delicious for
returning links, in a similar way to the google indexer.

Is there currently a delicious indexer available? If not, I'll give it
a go. I've not used c# before, but it should be reasonably simple to
modify the google driver (SOAP based) to use a delicious API (REST
based), unless someone already has a REST interface available...

Any thoughts?


On Wed, 02 Feb 2005 13:53:19 +1300, John Stowers
<john_stowers runbox com> wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> Ive been reading the beagle hackers guide and am realy interested in
> hacking around. I currently develop in C# on windows, but the maturity
> of the mono project, the cool aplications being developed with it
> (beagle, F-stop, etc) and the encouragement to contribute to projects
> like beagle cause me to begin my switch.
> I realy want to have a go at developing something useful for beagle. Im
> thinking a bookmark (read: bookmark content) indexer for firefox/other
> browsers.
> Im thinking that upon noticing the bookmark file change it will go off
> and check every website in a users bookmark list, downloading them all
> (text only), and index each bookmarks content (if the website has been
> updated). I know i have about a million bookmarks with thoroughly non
> descriptive titles (hence jsut indexing the bookmark file alone is
> useless), i hope that this will alow me to find them. Does this sound
> like it would be useful to anyone else but me?
> So with that out of the way I have a few questions on the general
> operation of beagle - and  how my thing will fit in (im a noob to beagle
> and Open source colaborative projects in general)
> Sorry about all the questions..... I'l add their answers to the wiki
> when I know them.....
> 1) I presume that what I want to do comes under the general heading of
> an External Search Driver
> 2) As per the hacking guide I set up Inotify events etc. When the
> bookmark file changes foreach bookmark in bookmarks,
>     - Download (text only)
>     - MD5
>     - Cmpare MD5 with old MD5 of bookmark to see if the site has been
> updated
>     - If so add bookmarked site to index
>     - else
> 3) See below
> Now for the questions
> 1)  How does an external query driver add things to the Lucene index
> system. Looking at code for other external drivers (Tomboy in this case)
> Indexable indexable = NoteToIndexable (file, note);
> Scheduler.Task task = NewAddTask (indexable);
> task.Priority = priority;
> task.SubPriority = 0;
> ThisScheduler.Add (task);   //Is this the line where Beagle becomes
> aware of the info to index (and hence indexes it at some time in future)?
> 2) How about persistance between instances, the flow of the operation,...
> (Assuming when parsing the bookmark file, i download each bookmark to a
> tempfile. say ~/beagle/bookmarkstemp/
> like if a bookmark changes, when I call This.Schedular for the bookmark
> at some time in future is its uniqueness determined by
> indexable.ContentUri and no harm is done by adding ThisScheduler.Add for
> each bookmark without deleting the old one in the schedular/index?
> (aside: instead of using flat files to store the bookmark sites, can I
> use a SQLite database??. Im just wondering what you guys think is the
> tidiest solution
> to prevent me having to reindex every website in a users bookmarks when
> the website may not have been updated - and how this plugs in with each
> task in the schedualr
> and its assoxiated indexable.SetTextReader (which i presume, being a
> text reader, needs a flat file to read text from.))
> Sorry about the barrage of questions, ;-)
> John
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