... and it requires gmime 2.1.11 + snapshot update!


I just committed a fix for a bug which requires that gmime be updated to
2.1.11.  The wiki has been updated and you can download a tarball from

Also, those of you lucky enough to be running NLD or SUSE 9.2 now have
the new gmime package in the mde-snaps channel, as well as updated
beagle and kernel packages, so you don't have to go through
inotify-enabled-kernel-building-hell.  Also I expect to have a new
tomboy build out soon, hurray!  New f-spot is out there too.  Hopefully
muine soon as well.  I pulled the old gaim package; new ones are failing
because gaim doesn't dist out of CVS.

Anyway, very scatterbrained now.  Enjoy.


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