Beagle speaking notes ...


 I going to ask you for advice. I'm preparing a talk for polish annual
Linux meeting called Pingwinaria.

 I'm going to present Beagle there. I mainly want to compare Beagle with
other (commercial) offerings on other platform. I want to show why
Beagle is better than Google Desktop Search, MSN, Yahoo, Spotlight,
Copernicus and any other I can find.

 Maybe I'll be able to show some demos, maybe not - it depends on
available hardware/software, as I don't have a laptop to take and maybe
I'll be unable to borrow one. (*)

 To the meritum: I'm following Beagle development since it was only part
of Dashboard. In fact I followed dashboard for a long time. I have
already given one hour-long presentation for local LUG about Dashboard,
Beagle, D-BUS & few other things.

 I know about live queries, I have Nat's Beagle Roadmap bookmarked. I am
interested in cool way to use beagle now and in future. How this could
change the way we compute? What awesome things you secretly planning?

 Any tips and suggestions what to draw attention to are going to be

 (*) I planning some simple replacing of Muine songs database with
results from beagle query. That would allow live updating (live
queries!) and transparent network sharing (imagine someone shares his
songs and beagle automatically Rendezvously get notified and updates
muime song list. Then muine can just play remote songs usings
gnome-vfs). That would make a cool demo :)

Tomasz Torcz               "Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station
zdzichu irc -nie spam- pl    wagon filled with backup tapes." -- Jim Gray

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