Re: Other (plain text) file types can be indexd by Beagle?

On Mon, 5 Dec 2005 21:54:00 0000, Robin Haswell <rob digital-crocus com> wrote:
> I fully agree with Daniel on this point, as a programmer I know in this situation that we should index a file properly or not at all. However, i do make some points:
> 1. Even if a file is not recognised can we still index its filename and open it with the registered application or "open with" dialog

Most defiantly, this is probably one of the most irksome 'bugs' even
file types not recognized should get their path name and basic
metadata (creation date etc) indexed imho.

> 2. Can someone write some documentation on how simple programmers-yet-not-hardcore-hackers like me can quickly bash out some filters? Making it easy for the armies of softcore programmer types out there to do the filter legwork for you is a great idea
Another agreed, I would have no problem huffing out a filter for some
of the more obscure file  formats (or creating more 'out there'
backends, like perhaps indexing local tv lisings via the tv_grab_us/uk
XML format)

-Kevin Kubasik

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