kmailqueryable submitted (Was Re: kmailqueryable)

According to the suggestions, I have changed the queyable and
submitted the patch to bugzilla.
If you are kmail user, please use and report problems. Specifically
perform these tests:
* creating new mail folder or subfolder
* moving or receiving mails in these nested subfolders
There might be issues if inotify isnt enabled, pls report them too.
- D.

On 8/4/05, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> > Yes, but every queryable has to do this anyway.  We used to have a
> > general crawler class.  It turned out to not be very useful.  You have
> Ahh,... I was aiming towards this. Since it was tested and failed, no
> question of trying it again.
> There would be a new kmailqueryable in bugzilla by next week.

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