I noticed that beagled/kmailqueryable has been added. I have a
comment regarding that.

There are many mail-apps out there who store their mails in maildir
format (and some of them are hugely popular e.g. pine, mutt... -
widely used in academia where beagle is being extenstively to find
papers/mails/reports etc). Once KMail backend is in, there will be
requests to add their support too. The only difference between these
different applications is the location of mails, directory hierarchy,
naming conventions of the folders and some application specific

I was thinking of an approach which would enable adding another
mailapp very easy. We would have a generic maildir queryable and
application specific kmailcrawler,muttcrawler who would know the
details of the directories, names, which folder to monitor for mails
etc. The generic maildirqueryable would ask the corresponding crawler
for the directories to watch and for a new file ask the specific
crawler whether to index it or not. While this makes the simple
wrapper around FilterMail quite complicated, it makes adding another
maildir application quite easy.

I would like to hear comments of the devels and users on this approach.
- Bera

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