Re: feature request - add mime type text/x-log

> It seems as though gnome-vfs just does a check of the file's extension
> here, so that every file which has the extension ".log" shows up as
> text/x-log.  So doing a filter based on mime type likely won't work
> here.
Basicly it just checks the extension, or some common filenames (like
"Makefile"). You *can* request it to do an in-depth libmagic-like
analysis though, but this isnt the default because its much more time
consuming (imagine Nautilus doeing a type check on a dir with 5000+
files using gnome-vfs and libmagic...)

> The GaimLogQueryable is your best bet here, assuming the logs are saved
> somewhere special, like ~/.irssi/log or something like that.  From there
> you could write a parser that extracts whatever interesting metadata is
> there (like channel name, etc.).
> You may want to file an enhancement request in bugzilla so that some
> enterprising young hacker can tackle it.  Unfortunately, though, it
> seems unlikely that one backend will tackle the logs for all the IRC
> clients out there.
AFAIK varadahan already started working on an Xchat indexer, I intended
to create an irssi parser once he got his IrcLogQueryable interface or
whatsoever done, I dunno about the status of this...

> Thanks,
> Joe


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