Re: feature request - add mime type text/x-log

Hi Andrew,

On Sun, 2005-04-03 at 21:49 -0700, Andrew Replogle wrote:
> This is the mime-type of the irc logs irssi logs.. I'm not sure if
> it's uniform with x-chat / bitchx / epic / etc etc etc.. Anyone else
> confirm for the other clients?

It seems as though gnome-vfs just does a check of the file's extension
here, so that every file which has the extension ".log" shows up as
text/x-log.  So doing a filter based on mime type likely won't work

> I tried making an IRCLogQueryable based off of Gaims but didn't have
> any success as well as trying to modify the filters to add the
> requested mime-type.. I just don't understand this enough yet to get
> it to work.  I guess it would help if I were a developer.

The GaimLogQueryable is your best bet here, assuming the logs are saved
somewhere special, like ~/.irssi/log or something like that.  From there
you could write a parser that extracts whatever interesting metadata is
there (like channel name, etc.).

You may want to file an enhancement request in bugzilla so that some
enterprising young hacker can tackle it.  Unfortunately, though, it
seems unlikely that one backend will tackle the logs for all the IRC
clients out there.


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