Re: [PATCH] Beagle - HitFlavor.cs

On Sun, 2004-07-18 at 22:14 +0200, Lukas Lipka wrote:
> Just Browsing The Code (tm) and found this mistake. Probabbly a logical
> thing. I'm wondering whetever it is OK to commit small stuff like this
> right away without sending patches to the list.

It is good to send the patch to the list, becase I think the code in CVS
is correct.  I think the IsWild function is just supposed to detect glob
patterns that are "fully" wild, (i.e. *) as opposed to any pattern (i.e.
foo*).  Maybe the function should be named better --- but it is private,
so we can change it later if we want to and not really break anything.

> I have another question. Where should I implement the IMLog viewer - n
> Util/IMLog.cs (probabbly best) or in Best it self.

It should probably be in Util/IMViewer.cs (or something), using code
from Util/ImLog.cs.  But since you've indicated that you've already
written code, this information is probably coming too late.


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