Re: [PATCH] Beagle backend


The main reason I've been so bad about patch review recently is that
I've been engrossed with refactoring a bunch of beagle code.  Metadata
keys got renamed in the shuffle --- we are moving towards a more RDFish
model for our metadata, so keys are now provisionally namespaced.  This
breaks the beagle back-end in dashboard, and almost certainly affects
your patch.

If you (or someone else out there) wanted to go through and fix the
beagle back-end in dashboard, that would be great.  It is just a
question of going through and changing the key values that are used when
marshalling Beagle Hits into Dashboard Matches.  It is really more
tedious than difficult.

If nobody else does it, I'm sure I'll get to it eventually... but it
probably won't be until later this week.


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