JIT-IR and Offshoots


1) This is my first post and being a PhD student, I would like to contribute towards the theoretical side of things. When I first read about Dashboard, it reminded me of something called "Just in Time Information Retrieval" work done by Bradley James Rhodes. There are other stuff out there that I had collected a few weeks back when I saved the search ["just in time" information retrieval] on Google. Anyway, here are the main links - IBM Article - http://www.research.ibm.com/journal/sj/393/part2/rhodes.html (quick primer) Rhodes' Thesis - www.bradleyrhodes.com/Papers/rhodes-phd-JITIR.pdf (has some nice theory and background)
Emacs Plugin created from above - http://remem.org/
Autonomy's Active-Knowledge product - http://www.autonomy.com/Content/Products/Interfaces/Active_Knowledge (done about 3 years ago) Blinkx - http://www.blinkx.com/overview.php (FYI, the founders of Blinkx were former employees of Autonomy) I hope they are useful. Most importantly, I hope we are not reinventing some of the things and implementing some of the coolest stuff (functional/conceptual mimicry). On this note, it would be nice if any of you would give their take on how Dashboard would be different from the above to clear up any confusion that may result

2) I intend to do two things for the Dashboard project. Do some usability testing and add an information-extraction (extract persons, locations, dates) from the filtered text which could then be used by GeoURL and FOAF kind of services. If anyone of you guys have any pointers or suggestions, please let me know.


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