Re: Epiphany extension


On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 18:47, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> I'm really happy people are working on this :)
> A question, how this work relate to the plugin currently distributed
> with epiphany-extensions ?
There is no dashboard plugin in epiphany extensions HEAD, only on
gnome-2-4 branch. It needs to be adapted to new extensions API and
epiphany API.

> About the page content api. I have a patch to persist the whole content
> of the page to a string. I think allowing to send only part of the
> content would start to get messy. Is it really needed ? If you need
> something in <head></head> you could just walk the DOM tree of the
> currrent document with the mozilla api and send only that part of
> information.

Yes, I think for these things mozilla API should be used
(nsIDocumentEncoder in this instance, where you can encode the whole
doc, a selection, a range, or a node). To do so, extensions need to be
able to get at the nsIDOMDocument of the EphyEmbed
(EphyBrowser::GetDocument and ::GetTargetDocument when you want the
focused doc).


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