Re: Epiphany extension

Hi Lee,

Sorry, I didn't get a chance to try out the extension, I've
been busy chatting with Christian (chpe) on #epiphany about
how to do things.

He's given me a few points of how to go about things.  Quickly,
here are notes which I took (I need to go to bed, so it's all

-- Begin notes --
Chpe prefers the idea of allowing extensions to directly use Mozilla on
the embed's document is a better solution since this allows other
to access it.

Use nsIDocumentEncoder to access parts of the page - whole doc/the
selection/a range/a node).  Ephy doesn't expose the last three since
Mozilla objects are needed which aren't exposed.

Expose an API from EphyBrowser? 

Using the embed's nsIDOMDocument we're set.  Can init an
with it and get everything.  Epiphany doesn't use nsIDocumentEncoder,
so no examples in Epiphany on doing this.

Things are a bit more complicated because there's frames to into
they have their own DOM doc.  Need EphyBrowser::GetDocument and
-- End notes --

I'll look at this some more in the morning.  And try compiling
and running the extension!

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 21:56, Lee Willis wrote:
> Andrew, did you get chance to try the epiphany extension for 1.1.x?
> I'm going to re-send[1] my mail to the epiphany list and see if anyone
> can point me in the right direction for how to get the content as I'd
> really like the patches to get in in time for G2.6
> If you've got any other feedback it'd be good to know.
> Thanks
> Lee
> [1] looks like it fell foul of the "moderator approval" thing and never
> got there
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