Re: Epiphany extension

While I think the extension is a "good start" right now - the main
problems I have are:

(a) Currently we don't send any page content at all (Except the title)

(b) In the absence of proper indexing/summarization at the frontend -
whether we should really be sending full page content on every page load
(I think, probably not)

(c) To solve (b) - whether to go for
    (i)   indexing/summarization of full content prior to sending
    (ii)  sending a sub-set of content on page load
    (iii) Sending full content for "important" pages, and sub-set [Or
none] on "non-important" pages

Where "sub-set" of content could represent:
(i)   Page title only
(ii)  Title + META keywords
(iii) Title + <head></head>

and where "important" could be determined by one, or more of the
(i) Page was bookmarked after being loaded
(ii) Page was loaded as a result selecting an existing bookmark/smart
(iii) Some criteria I haven't though of yet! [Maybe linked into page
author = person I already know about or similar]??

Short-ish term I think, with some help from Marco to provide a function
in epiphany that returns the page content, or sub-set, it would be
trivial to implement the sending of the content for pages that get
bookmarked [Which would be a good start] - and then work on the others

What're everyone's thoughts?

Lee Willis <lee leewillis co uk>

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