Re: Epiphany extension

> Short-ish term I think, with some help from Marco to provide a function
> in epiphany that returns the page content, or sub-set, it would be
> trivial to implement the sending of the content for pages that get
> bookmarked [Which would be a good start] - and then work on the others
> later


I'm really happy people are working on this :)
A question, how this work relate to the plugin currently distributed
with epiphany-extensions ?

About the page content api. I have a patch to persist the whole content
of the page to a string. I think allowing to send only part of the
content would start to get messy. Is it really needed ? If you need
something in <head></head> you could just walk the DOM tree of the
currrent document with the mozilla api and send only that part of

I'm sending you the patch privately (I hope it still apply since it's
quite old) to not bother other people.


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