Re: Let's use XHTML and XmlTextWriter

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 07:09, Edd Dumbill wrote:
> I'm going to have a go at doing this.  I've got gtkmozembed-sharp
> compiled up from CVS and it seems to be working OK.  It won't be trivial
> and might prove a dead end.  Some things that make me think it's worth
> putting in some time on it though include
>  * using CSS could really help us with consistency in font sizes, 
>    colors, etc.  Makers of renderers could pick from a palette of
>    standard UI elements, while still having a lot of design flexibility.
>  * we could use JavaScript and CSS combinations to do neat behaviors,
>    e.g. click on an expander widget to see more detail etc.
> The Epiphany and Galeon guys must have solved the mozembed drag & drop
> problem at some point, so I'll bug them to see what can be done.

Okay.  You might want to talk to Todd Berman or Ben Maurer from
MonoDevelop; those guys have had a hell of a time with GtkMozEmbed, and
the anecdotal evidence is pretty damning:
        <tberman> oh dude, do NOT switch to gtkmozembed
        <Nat> yeah?
        <tberman> i dont care what you think you might get out of it,
        its a TOTAL headache
        <Nat> is it really?
        <tberman> yeah, its really difficult, we are using it in MD, and
        it works alright at times, but its a fucking hog to load, and
        generally evil to customize
I *do* think the benefits would be pretty substantial, so I'm not going
to try to discourage you too much :-)


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