Beagle and Dashboard Wiki

Hi all, lately I've been trying to put together a wiki for beagle and
dashboard (  Much of the
information on the wiki can be found in CVS but I have put together
several pages of unique information that may be of interest.

For developers I have started a series of beagle hacking docs.  These
pages are designed to give you a leg up into beagle development.  They
outline how to extend beagle even with little C# experience and
hopefully shorten the learning curve to get into beagle development.  By
the way, purchasing Edd's new book helps as well :)

On the user side of things I have the following docs to help new users
set up beagle and dashboard:
- Installing Beagle
- Setting up Dashboard
- Compiled Dashboard? Your probably wondering what do I do now?
- How to index my data
- How to search my data

I hope that the information on this wiki is helpful and it furthers the
development of the projects.  Feel free to add or correct information on
the site.

-- Joe Gasiorek
gasiorek yakko cs wmich edu

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