Beagle seems to loop infinitely when indexing files


I've been playing around with this all this evening, but haven't quite finished. When indexing my stuff beagle hits 100% cpu and nothing happens. I don't know if it's the file it's reading (attached) or the beagle indexes (available if you need them).

My high-tech investigations, Console.WriteLine(""), seem to indicate it's happening in in /Lucene.Net/Index/DocumentWriter.cs around line 196.

// Tokenize field and add to postingTable
TokenStream stream = analyzer.TokenStream(fieldName, reader);
	System.Console.WriteLine("Prints Successfully");
	for (Token t = stream.Next(); t != null; t = stream.Next())
		System.Console.WriteLine("Doesn't Print");

So maybe it's something in the stemming code?  Anyway, I give up for now.

Can anyone reproduce it?




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