Re: PATCH: displays gaim buddy's alias in output

On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 19:54, Mark Drago wrote:
> This patch is a method (GetAliasForBuddy) that parses through gaim's
> blist.xml file in the same way that GetIconForBuddy does, returning the
> buddy's alias if it exists and their screenname if it doesn't.  The
> output of this function is then used to display the buddy's name in
> dashboard.  The patch also includes a very small fix to GetIconForBuddy,
> since it wasn't comparing the strings correctly if there were spaces in
> the screenname.
> I know it's a small improvement, but it seemed like a good place to
> start my work on dashboard.  The patch follows:

Thanks for the patch!  This is now finally in CVS. :-)


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