Licence and my work


I'm glad to be part of this mailling list.

For the moment I've a lot of work of my own, so I can't really work on dashboard. In addition I'm transferring my work from debian to osX, so I have to test the ppc mono distribution before anything.

I've moved my page on dashboard to . Here again I do not have a lot of time to make updates.
However I've some work I've done this summer on dashboard:

- a mozilla/firebird frontend that is available at

- a regexp chainer: takes some clue, and transform it to another clue using regular expressions. - a conversion backend: takes a measure clue and make a conversion in another unit.
- a mozilla bookmark backend: like the one available for galeon.

However, part of these backends (html formating methods for example) are coming from other backends; but no license is specified anywhere.
So I do not want to release them until this point is cleared.

If you want to see these backends, I'll send them on the list.

best regards.


Andrews Pierre
pierre andrews epfl ch
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)

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